Create Your Hardest Working Lead Magnet Yet

A foolproof framework and step-by-step guide that'll keep you from asking,
"Where do I start?" or "What do I say?"

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Personalized marketing is the NEW marketing strategy allowing you to serve up content that's already on your client's mind enabling you to drive a more substantial relationship.

Quizzes create a personal connection with your audience, all while you segment them, allowing them to feel seen, heard, and understood from the moment they meet you. 

And since quizzes are the "Lead Magnet Most Likely To Go Viral," you can fill up your Flodesk account faster with the exact people who want and need your offer so they can go from browsers to buyers, all on automation. 

Creating a quiz can be


>>> The process of creating the results and googling the technology of setting it ALL up is gonna take a little more than your average PDF

>>> Even just mapping out the questions and results will make you feel at capacity 

>>> Heck, you're not even sure what questions and answers to write...
much less the results page

>>> The bottom line is, you want a strategy that'll kickstart your quiz, allowing you to grow your email list (and your bank account) without feeling stuck and spending 50+ hours googling "how to create a quiz."

Let's skip google and just do this!

You may have heard this before...


Your ideal clients are opting in to email lists every day with a credit card in hand, eager to find solutions to their problems. 

Are they choosing to opt-in with you?

In other words, do you have a system in place that allows new subscribers to roll in regularly who are excited and hungry to do business with you?

...that when you've finally landed the opportunity to be a guest on a popular podcast, you've got a link to your freebie directing those qualified leads to the next steps on how to be part of your "inner circle"?

...that your lead generation strategy is about as sturdy as walking on ice in the dead of winter...

...and you don't know for sure how to consistently attract qualified buyers to your brand and take them from passive readers to paying customers...

Then keep reading...

Because creating a quiz could be THE thing that gives you the authority in your niche as the "go-to" person allowing people to buy from you all while you
grow your email list.


The thing is, I've been there...


...after months of staying up till midnight to create an irresistible offer

...investing in all the premium online marketing courses from Marie Forleo to Amy Porterfield

...spending hours watching tech tutorials only to continue to struggle with the implementation process

...pouring your heart & soul into a 5-day challenge offering a remarkable transformation only for one
person to take it seriously

...or you've created a quiz, but you're only converting less than 8% of your views into new leads...


At this point, it's easier to throw in the towel because you can't keep learning, analyzing, and making decisions that only get you halfway there.

But here's what I know...

You've hustled hard enough (and long enough) that at this point in your career, you deserve to leapfrog to the front of the line and start focusing on the things that bring you joy (and $$$).

You deserve to be paid for your years of collective knowledge & experience, a.k.a. your premium offers. 

You've earned the right to know ALL the sacrifices you made were worth it. 

You're entitled to generating a list packed out with DREAM clients, primed and ready to buy your offer without 6-months of nurturing them...without hours on Instagram every day.


But no one expects you to be the industry expert AND the strategy expert AND the copy expert AND the quiz expert...

The 3 reasons you're standing in your way of lead gen domination


Reason #1: You're still not "sold" on email marketing, and you feel social media is where the money is. 

You may feel that social media is the best way to grow (it's a great option). However, building momentum with your email list will set you up for true profit potential in a way social media never can. Here's why social media can't compete with email marketing:

You do not own your social media following (I'm looking at you, Zuckerberg), and typically, only 4-6% of your audience sees your posts. Email marketing has an average reach of 20% (I usually clock in at 40%).


>>>Basically, having a healthy email list is like owning your own private ATM machine.<<< 


Reason #2: You don't have time to learn email marketing.

I'm going to shoot it to you straight; when it comes to building your first quiz, you have to put a little more into it than your standard freebie. 

BUT, the pay-off is WAY more efficient when it comes to your funnel and your ability to take a hands-off approach to your list, all while growing it exponentially each month. 

Anything that can be automated is an entrepreneur's best friend. Email is a system you can 'set and forget' so it's running in the background, freeing up time for you to do other things. 


Reason #3: You think you can figure this whole quiz thing out on your own; heck, you may have even created one, but even after ALL your hard work, there's still silence.

Well, yeah, Amy Porterfield and Melyssa Griffin have had success, so why not you?

Quizzes aren't that hard, right?

Would you believe that it takes me 40-50 hours to put the right strategy into place for a lucrative quiz? There are many moving parts to make the quiz magic happen, but once you have the right plan, you'll save hours with an automated system and grow your bank account simultaneously. 


Did you know a quiz gets shared an average of 1,900 times??
With a personality quiz, you'll have people sharing your brand left and right because their results page "nailed them perfectly."

Not only that, but quizzes can also cover all of the Marketing Research you'll need to get crystal clear on your customer. 

And that's how your new leads will think you're reading their minds. 

It's time to stop spending hours and hours on Zuckerberg's platform while ignoring your own...

The worst nightmare of a social media marketer came true - ALL of my social media accounts were hacked and taken for an entire month. However, I was still able to run my business and crush my sales goals through email marketing alone. Thanks to Linda's guidance and resources, I had built a large list of engaged subscribers and was able to run my business without skipping a beat!

Dr. Ashly Locklin, Business Coach

Maybe by now, you're more excited about the thought of lead generation because building a quiz and utilizing email marketing is where it's at...


I know that...


building a personality quiz using my quiz quadrant strategy will give you: 

  1. The ability to have a business built for sustainability & longevity with a strong foundation working around the clock, so you don't have to.
  2. A power to have a clear vision that'll allow you to focus your energy and follow through on the risks you've been eager to take. 
  3. The potential to finally find your DREAM clients allowing you to speak directly to them. 

Cause here's the've been doing this long enough that you're finally ready to not only distance yourself from your competition but design a more personalized approach to reaching new leads.

Thank you, Linda, for helping me create an irresistible quiz to attract my dream clients.

With the quiz as a lead magnet, my email list doubled the first month and has been steadily bringing 100 email subscribers a week consistently. I launched my 8-week book writing program with a 7.5% opt-in rate and had a $20K launch. One quiz taker told me as soon as she got onto my Masterclass, she had her credit card out and was ready to buy whatever my offer was, and she didn't know how much it cost yet. 

-Dr. Cindy, The Expert's Ghostwriter


Let's stop here so I can introduce myself...

Hello, I'm Linda Sidhu, a former corporate boss lady (and wine lover) turned entrepreneur, dedicated to making online marketing simple for overwhelmed business owners. 

I went from working till 11 PM every single night just to get caught up, to helping entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in new subscribers on autopilot. 

As a former pharmaceutical sales representative, I've had extensive training in personality types. I've taken the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a framework for creating successful personality quizzes for online business owners. 

Besides creating quizzes that convert views to leads at 60% and crafting personalized marketing for my customers, I help online business owners learn how to take full advantage of email marketing. 

Linda is a marketing genius!

She saw the vision for the course I was creating long before it was even finished. I provided her with a brief overview of the course I created for the students I wanted to serve. She took my ideas and created the perfect quiz to attract my ideal students. With her quiz, I generated $20K in course sales in my first month and reached my dream clients!

Dr. Ashly Locklin, Business Coach

My strategy generates cash, which is why I'm offering a 90-minute strategy session to help you create the right approach for your quiz. 

I know you see the power of email marketing and are ready to go all-in on your business' number one asset, email marketing, once and for all. 

So what's my strategy session include?


<<< A 90-minute strategy session where I'll help you craft your brand voice and better understand your ideal clients so you can start getting you new leads right where they are.

Once we identify your custom action plan for your quiz funnel, then it's time to...


<<< Build your quiz
After our initial deep dive (where I'll walk you through my Quiz Quadrant Personality Framework), you'll learn a simple and repeatable process for writing your personality quiz results.

My framework will give you everything you need to map out your results strategy, segment your list based on personalities, and help you convert your new leads to customers. 

(You'll be the one writing your quiz) but you'll be doing it with the help of these deliverables:

*Quiz Quadrant Personality Descriptions so you can understand the different personalities in your audience and write your emails strategically, so you're always getting those "get out of my head" replies. 

*Quiz Quadrant Chart, because charts are fun & this one makes understanding and writing to the four different types of people a breeze. 

*Quiz Quadrant Question Template. You'll have access to my question and answer template, which will allow you to create similar questions that reference your niche and quiz results. Then BOOM, you'll have fully functioning personality quiz questions built to entertain, engage, nurture, and segment your audience in the time it takes you to finish your 3rd cup of coffee. 


<<< The Welcome Series

Now that you have leads coming in hot, it's time to build up some trust & prep them for your irresistible offer. 

If just the thought of writing your welcome series makes your heart drop into your stomach, I've got you covered. 

You'll get:

*My 5-Part Personality Quiz Welcome Series with a point-by-point breakdown carefully crafted to guide your newest reader to become your latest customer. This is where the magic happens, and your new subscribers transfer into new clients. 


<<< Bring it all to life 
It's time to celebrate, you have a solid strategy in place, and you've written all of your content. Now, it's time to move it from a Google Doc to a beautifully branded quiz experience that will integrate seamlessly with your business. 


<<< The Post Strategy Session Breakdown

Once your quiz is complete, you'll have:

>>> Your personality quiz based on my quiz quadrant framework

>>> Your custom-curated results pages targeted to speak directly to each personality

>>> Your personality quiz welcome series that'll warm up your audience so fast, they'll be asking for the next steps before the sequence is finished. 

Since publishing my quiz a little over three months ago, I have gained 3000+ ideal leads to my email list.

"I hired Linda to upgrade my quiz because I didn’t see the traffic I desired, and I didn’t have a nurturing strategy in place. Linda changed all that for me. She focused on my ideal clients and wrote brilliant copy from my words and life experiences that resonated with my niche, and created a nurturing email series to accompany the quiz that has yielded interest and, best of all, sales!"

-Danielle Thienel, Certified Life Coach, host of The Peaceful Mind Podcast

Sounds amazing, let's book a call!

Is this worth all this effort? I thought email marketing was outdated?


In 2020, email marketing was hotter than the latest facemask trend! It's not only the MOST effective marketing tool you have at your fingertips, but it's also the lowest cost asset AND gives you a higher ROI than any other single online marketing strategy.

Social media is busy, noisy, and controlled by an algorithm covering up your content minutes after posting it. But getting in someone's inbox is one of the most personal connections you can make online (outside of Tinder).

Studies show that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get $38 in return. That's 3,800% ROI! That number alone had me convinced to go all-in on my email list. 

Quizzes are FUN - let's book a call!

Not sure if this is for you?


You're ready to propel your business forward with a personality quiz if...

  1. You're ready tor a more effecient and impactful way to grow your list so you can finally start focusing on all of the other goals you set this year.
  2. You're ready to learn a step-by-step framework that will make writing a quiz easy. Once you spend time creating the initial quiz, you'll only have to check on it periodically to monitor and optimize. When you put this strategy into place, you'll have an automated system capturing new leads and warming them up once they arrive in your inner circle. 
Quizzes are smart - Let's book a call!