Quickly Grow Your Email List With a Personality Quiz

Nail your quiz idea and start building a list that grows your bank account and raises your authority as the "go-to" guru in your niche.

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“After I created a quiz I was able to generate 20K in course sales in my first month!”

“Linda is a marketing genius! She saw the vision for the course I was creating long before it was even finished. I provided her with a brief overview of the course I was creating and the students I wanted to serve. She took my ideas and created the perfect quiz to attract my ideal students. With her quiz, I was able to generate $20K in course sales in my first month and reach my dream clients!”

- Dr. Ashly Locklin, Business Coach

You keep hearing “You need to grow your email list” so you spend hours in Canva designing a branded PDF only to

  • Have it become a complete flop! 
  • Waste months working to grow your email list—but still find yourself in your DMs every week trying to find clients. 
  • Sit at a stagnant 387 subscribers even though you’ve done ALL the strategies—like talking about it on Instagram Stories and mentioning it on podcast interviews. 
  • Wish someone would tell you exact steps to drive your ideal clients to your site and have them hit “sign up.”

If you said yes to any of the above, it’s not just you. 

Growing your email list is not as easy as it's made out to be—until NOW!

Hi, I’m Linda! 

I’m a list building expert who helps coaches and creatives grow their email lists (and bank accounts) on autopilot with personality quizzes. 

Forget spending 50+ hours Googling “how to create a quiz.” 

I work side-by-side with you to create a quiz that converts new leads (aka clients) by 70% (← which is why I’m a strategic partner with Interact, America’s top quiz-building platform). 

Want to know more about how I help clients increase their email lists by 800% in less than a month (and why I lost my mind in 2020 and got a Golden Retriever puppy!)?

Get the scoop here or email me at [email protected] and let's chat.

And since quizzes were voted "Lead Magnet Most Likely to Go Viral," you can fill up your Flodesk account faster with the exact people who want (and need) your offer so they can go from browsers to buyers—all on automation.



My formula for creating quiz magic:

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Brenna McGowan

“Linda truly helped me nail my quiz idea!”

“Even though I’m a copywriter I was stumped where to begin when if came time for me to build a quiz. 

Linda helped me brainstorm ideas and come up with and one that I’m truly excited about implementing—especially because it totally aligns with me, my brand and my ideal clients!”


- Brenna McGowan, Email Copywriter & Content Strategist

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