Nail Your Quiz Idea: FREE 3-Day Challenge

Ready to build an engaged email list FAST? 


Join Linda Sidhu, personality expert & quiz creator, to nail your quiz idea so you can create the lead magnet that unlocks a big, engaged list in no time.

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Nurture to Net with Linda Sidhu

You’ve heard the rumors that quizzes can grow your email list FAST, and you’re excited to create one for your business…


...yet you’re stuck on what your quiz idea should be (which kind of holds up the rest of the show, right?!).


But here’s why creating a quiz for your business should be a priority:


Personalized marketing is the NEW marketing strategy allowing you to drive stronger relationships—one customer at a time.

And there’s no better way to do this than a quiz. 


→ Quizzes create a personal connection with your audience while segmenting them, allowing them to feel seen, heard, & understood from the minute they meet you.


And there’s one quiz that people like most:


A personality quiz.


(Let’s face it—we’re all a little nosy!)


Personality quizzes make people want to know more about themselves, reveal strengths, and help your customers understand their motivations for what you sell.


They’re also a great way to segment your list, which helps you immediately build trust and understand what challenges your potential customers are facing so you can better serve them.

Plus, quizzes are just fun! (←I think we all need more of that in 2021!)


It’s time to stop making your lead magnet feel complicated and over-thinking what your quiz topic should be. Let me help you get your quiz out into the world. 


Grab your spot in the FREE 3-Day Nail Your Idea QuizChallenge, and get ready to grow your list (& revenue!) with a personality quiz!


“I had just under 500 people take my quiz and convert from a view to a new lead at a 70% rate during the first 7 days of launching my quiz.”

"I am FLOORED, and I can use my quiz funnel for LIFE because we truly built it based on my brand and not just one offer only. #longevity baby!

My quiz helped me understand my audience so much better than I could specifically market to their individual needs. It also warmed them up before my launch and brought in over $65K of revenue for an almost passive BRAND NEW program."

 —Meg Yelaney, #prettyawkward entrepreneur

Nail Your Quiz Idea: FREE 3-Day Challenge


Here's what you'll uncover over the 3 days: 

→ Discover why you need a QUIZ for your business! (hint: it's not what you think!)

→ Find out your personality strengths and leverage them to take a stance in your industry. (We'll uncover a series of questions that'll help you find your "North Star")

→ Get my three favorite questions to ask your ideal clients that'll reveal the juiciest customer language for your quiz.

→ And, of course, nail your quiz idea and remove any blocks from moving forward with your quiz. 


Everything you need to get clarity on your quiz idea is included:

★ Live, recorded Zoom training videos (and replays) along with handouts to guide you with confidence as you start your quiz creation journey. 

★ A private Facebook Group to share your work, ask questions, and network with other elite business owners. 


Day 1: Why a QUIZ should be your next lead magnet 

Find out if a personality quiz is right for your business and uncover why knowing your ideal client's personality type makes EVERYTHING easier (including your sales!)

Tuesday, Oct. 12 (1 pm Eastern and 10 am Pacific) 


Day 2: Discover where your brand stands and find your "North Star."

Get clear on your brand with a series of questions that I use for my quiz clients that'll help you stand out from the competition. Plus, learn three questions to ask your ideal clients that'll reveal the juiciest customer language for your quiz. 

Wednesday, Oct. 13 (1 pm Eastern and 10 am Pacific) 


Day 3: Nail your quiz idea

Decide on your gangbusters topic and FINALLY start creating your quiz!

Thursday, Oct. 14 (1 pm Eastern and 10 am Pacific) 

“It's no surprise that my first program launch after working with Linda brought in $95,000!”

"I had no idea how powerful quizzes were until I started working with Linda. I've grown my list by 800 people since I launched my quiz.

But even better: I have a whole new way of understanding who my clients are, how to sell to them, and how to serve them. Sales calls are easier than ever because I know how to adapt my style to theirs."

 —Helena Bowen, Speaker Coach and Speechwriter

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Join Linda Sidhu, personality expert & quiz creator, to finally unlock a big, engaged email list that’ll propel your business forward with a quiz. 

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Hi, I’m Linda! Nice to meet you! 👋

 I’m a strategic partner with Interact (the quiz platform), which helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in hundreds of new subscribers on autopilot. 

Back in the day, I was a top-ten pharmaceutical sales rep. I took all this selling knowledge and translated it into a framework for quizzes that converts views to leads at 70% (who knew that selling acne products could lead to a process to have these kinds of results?!) 

In addition to helping my clients build irresistible quizzes (many of whom have grown their email lists by the thousands and have had six-figure course launches), I help online business owners learn how to take full advantage of email marketing.

My custom quizzes and programs help you uncover your personalized marketing strategy that breaks through the online noise and attracts leads with fun and ease (the perfect combo!).

By now, you've figured out that quizzes aren't just fun. 


They're→ SMART


They segment your list by the buyer's personality, which means you'll be able to connect with your audience in a way that makes sense to them.

So if you're still reading (you go-getter, you)... let's have a little heart to heart…

I'll never forget the feeling of complete failure and disappointment when I launched my first lead magnet, a 5-Day Earth Day Challenge that I launched a week late due to technical insanity (the ultimate facepalm move).

And I will NEVER forget when I launched my first quiz and grew my email list 300% in 60 days.

But none of that compares to helping my clients grow their email lists in a strategic and FUN way!

So if you're ready to stop hustling all day, every day—WHILE exponentially growing your business—I cannot wait to help you NAIL YOUR QUIZ IDEA!