Client Story: Taryn Dickey’s Personality Quiz & Niche-Specific Marketing Funnel

Taryn Dickey, an ADHD coach, had never finished a course—until she joined The Quiz Lab!

Are you known for collecting courses (like people do shoes), and… never finishing them?


Life coach, Taryn Dickey, had thought about creating a quiz for a long time. She wanted to find more of her “people” & connect with them in a fun & meaningful way.


Her #1 goal: to create a helpful resource for anyone who stumbled into her corner of the internet—even if they never paid her a dime.


She wanted to create a quiz the right way & with a trusted expert.


Taryn Dickey is a former school counselor who has been mentoring & coaching women entrepreneurs for the last 8 years.

Meet Linda Sidhu, creator of The Quiz Lab & DiSC personality expert!

And… She’s just one entrepreneur/mom/partner/person living with ADHD.

“I’m really good at seeing the big picture because of my ADHD.

But organizing & paying attention to details, breaking things down… is more challenging for me.

Because of that, she had never completed a course prior to The Quiz Lab.


*jaw drop*

“Linda’s Quiz Lab was the FIRST program I completed! (And mannnn I’ve taken a LOT.)

I’m talking START to FINISH. And for an ADHDer, that is HUGE.

↑ ↑ ↑

Just… wow.

I remember “meeting” Taryn for the first time in my 3-Day Nail Your Quiz Idea Challenge.


(This is a challenge I host over in my ​​Quiz Creators Facebook group! ←You should totally come join us.) 


During the challenge I help you figure out if a quiz is right for your business & drill down some of the details.


Here’s what we do:

  • Day 1: Learn WHY a quiz should be your next lead magnet.
  • Day 2: Discover where your brand stands & find your “North Star.”
  • Day 3: Nail your quiz idea!
Taryn Dickey's experience with Linda Sidhu in The Quiz Lab was nothing short of incredible for this ADHD coach—it was the first course she ever finished!
Join The Quiz Lab to create your own quiz funnel with Linda Sidhu!

→ Quizzes make people feel seen, heard, & understood from the minute they meet you. And they create that vital personal connection your audience craves.


Taryn realized just how valuable quizzes are to quiz makers and takers during the challenge! (Only further fueling the fire she had to make an impactful lead magnet of her own.)


She knew she was destined to create a powerful & purposeful resource that would allow her to find & connect with new people.



↓ ↓ ↓

Taryn joined The Quiz Lab! 🎉


While she was excited to kick off her journey to develop the perfect quiz for her biz… she already had an idea of where she’d need support.


I saw the value in creating a quiz—I just wanted to do it the right way and learn from an expert.”

The beauty of The Quiz Lab is that you are the one creating this product—one that you’re sure to be proud of & eager to share with the world! 


But you also have the guidance of a pro (me, Linda Sidhu, a quiz copywriter!) & the support of your program-mates.

(The Quiz Lab is a fantastic alternative if you 1) aren’t ready to hire a quiz copywriter, or 2) simply prefer a DIY method surrounded by an amazing group of fellow entrepreneurs!)

ADHD Coach, Taryn Dickey, was able to niche down while making her personality quiz with Linda Sidhu

Taryn, like other quiz-creating-entrepreneurs, was understandably nervous about the creation process.

↓ ↓ ↓


She didn’t know:

  • What topic to choose
  • What direction to take her quiz, or
  • Who it would even help


It became a brilliant business decision for her to join The Quiz Lab because…


I’ve done this a time or two before 😉, and I knew how to help Taryn narrow in on her topic & audience.


(And alleviate much of this “Where do I go from here?!” stress.)

“Linda took the time to help me figure out my end goal, who I was helping, & the topic of my quiz.”

Now about that quiz topic…


Taryn was diagnosed later in life with ADHD. 


She lives with ADHD and attracts many other entrepreneurs with the same diagnosis.


This realization coincided with her quiz research (where Taryn noticed the “i” DiSC personality, the “influencer,” is often the person who has ADHD—just like Taryn!)



It seemed like a natural choice for her to proudly declare herself, “The Life Coach for ADHDers!” 


This awareness of WHO her ideal people were (this new niche of ADHDers) caused us to be very intentional with her quiz title.


We titled her quiz: What’s Your ADHD Superpower?


It was important to call out entrepreneurs who were a good fit for Taryn’s advice & ultimately… the offer at the end of the funnel.

It was clear what the goal was: create a quiz to draw in my ideal humans who are powerfully & purposefully opting into my world.”

When people see that title, they either raise their hand & say, “that’s me!” Or they look at that & say, “that’s so not me.”


Which means… The people who take her quiz are highly-qualified leads.


You want to phrase the title in a positive way. That way—more people will click on it! (Versus a title that’s written with more of a negative vibe.) 

We did this with Taryn’s quiz & it worked great!

Create a quiz funnel & start attracting highly-qualified leads to your course or program

“Hundreds of new humans joined my email list.

And I just launched a brand new course that was birthed as a result of getting clear on who I’m helping.”

All the detailed work didn’t go unnoticed by Taryn ↓

Linda was there every step of the way. Her knowledge of personalities & quizzes made the process seem less theoretical & less scary.

She kept our momentum going. And her presence, encouragement, & belief in all of us was unwavering.”

As a service-based business owner who’s fast-paced and people-oriented, it’s super important to me to do a few things in my program.

  1. Make everyone feel seen & heard
  2. Keep everyone motivated
  3. Provide the best experience possible


All the pieces to Taryn’s quiz puzzle came together beautifully!



  • DOUBLED her email list (300+ people have taken the quiz & joined her email list) 🎉
  • Created my ADHD and Me course with the help of these new, qualified leads 🎉
  • And expects to finally cross that 6-figure mark this year 🎉

“Quizzes are so effective in not simply bringing in more people to our world, but bringing in the right people.”

And sometimes those brilliant, highly-qualified humans who take your quiz & end up fully submerged in your world → help you figure out your next steps. 


(Like how Taryn’s community provided her with a course idea & inspired her to see it through!)


In the end…


Taryn was able to:

→ niche down from being a more general life coach to becoming a super-impactful ADHD life coach

→ COMPLETE her first course…ever!

→ grow her audience & her influence

Join The Quiz Lab Program & create your own quiz funnel with Linda Sidhu!

Quiz Lab was structured & focused enough that I stayed engaged—and completed the course in the time provided. It was broken down step-by-step, so there was no confusion about what needed to be tackled each week. And ample time provided to do the work.”

If you’re feeling inspired, but a little bit… in over your head—follow in Taryn’s footsteps. Because, as she says:

“This has been an incredible experience! I highly recommend Linda & The Quiz Lab. You will not be disappointed!”