Helena Bowen's personality-based quiz funnel has done more for her speaker coaching business than she could have imagined!

I launched the Quiz Lab using a personality quiz funnel—here’s what happened…

With my first launch of Quiz Lab, I wanted to walk the walk.


I didn’t just want to say you should use a personality quiz to build your email list (& eventually launch to it)—I wanted to show how it could be done.


And then — Ellen Yin graciously allowed me to be a guest on her podcast, Cubicle to CEO, to share my story.


(I’m so glad she accepted my pitch because she pulled things out of me that no one ever has.)


Pieces of me like how ↓


I’ve been a Boss since the beginning.


When I was 5-years-old I played dress up. But not your typical dress up.


I’d grab my fancy glasses (sans lenses), fill up my coffee mug with Coke, and pretend to be a Boss.


Of what business—I had no clue. ​​🤷‍♀️


It took me a few years to figure out exactly

  • What I wanted to do
  • Who I wanted to help &
  • What I wanted to be known for




→ a career in pharmaceutical sales 

→ 3 states (Ohio, California, Washington)

→ a dissolved business partnership (that was featured in Forbes.)

→ 1 child (Liam) & 1 dog (Dakota) later—

…I’m clear on all of those things.

DiSC personality quizzes not only help you attract new leads, they also better inform your business offerings

And if we’re just meeting—Hi! 👋


…I’m Linda Sidhu—a DiSC certified personality quiz maker!


The very first personality quiz I created took off like crazy! People were sharing it & tagging me. 


What I already learned with that first quiz was that I could

  • Segment my email list by personality type
  • Learn the buying behavior of my audience & 
  • Communicate with those people in a more meaningful way


Let’s pause for a moment because...

Maybe you’re wondering to yourself 🤔


“What’s a personality quiz going to do for my business?”


After seeing what they’ve done for my clients’ businesses & my own, I’m here to tell you that quizzes can help you:


 Attract the right (quality) leads

✅ Sell out your offers &

✅ Better serve your clients

Let me show you how using a personality quiz can help you generate more leads & boost sales for your next launch.


My first Quiz Lab launch totaled $70k 💰.

Here’s a BTS breakdown of the quiz funnel strategy that made that happen.

Funnel (as defined by the lovely Ellen Yin): 


A series of specific steps that allows you to lead someone down a path to take an end action. 

Whatever that end action is, the top of funnel is that very first action someone takes to enter that pathway.

A funnel is typically a way to reach people who don’t already know you & who you’re introducing to your world for the first time.”

Right at the top of my funnel was this personality quiz:

Discover Your Personal Quiz-to-Cash Strategy

I’m an Influencer personality according to the DiSC assessment. I’m all about keeping it fun & I’m very people-oriented!


The opposite personality of me is the Analyzer. This personality type loves data!


And me being a DiSC certified business owner, I know it’s important to keep track of that data so I make well-informed business decisions.


So… a quiz made the most sense for me as my top of funnel offer:

→ I could have the most fun with a quiz AND

→ I could collect data & research my audience as they were coming into my funnel

“I was able to leverage my strengths & weaknesses at the same time.”

I needed a quiz for the Quiz Lab that would attract:

  • People-oriented personalities who like to network, & want the step-by-step guidance
  • Individuals who want to collaborate & go through this process together

“Build your funnel with your ideal person in mind.”

DiSC personality quizzes not only help you attract new leads, they also better inform your business offerings

Quick “How to create a quiz” tips:

  • Work backwards from the offer
  • The top of the funnel must communicate to the final ask

My quiz, Discover Your Personal Quiz-to-Cash Strategy, was built to be a personality quiz that would attract mostly the Influencer & Steady personality types.


(But I added in “strategy” because I wanted to also draw in the Dominant & Conscientious personalities.)


And wouldn’t you know—the quiz takers evenly filtered into all 4 DiSC personality types.


Some of my clients, like Helena Bowen, a TEDx speaking coach, tend to attract 1 specific personality type—the heart-centered (Steady) folks.


Knowing the makeup of personalities in your audience really helps you communicate on a deeper level with them, where they feel more seen.

After taking the quiz, these new leads entered my Email Welcome Series.


This is where you spend time building the “Know Like Trust” factor.

There's a lot of magic that happens in the welcome series that can deepen your relationship with your new leads. 💌

→ In my experience, it's best to send 1 email each day for this email series. (You could also send an email every other day, if that feels better to you.)


At the end of my Welcome Series, I invited folks to join my launch mechanism: Nail Your Quiz Idea Challenge.


This challenge ran inside my Quiz Creators Facebook group for 3 days.

Nail Your Quiz Idea Challenge

Day 1: Why a Quiz should be your next lead magnet.


Day 2: Discover where your brand stands & find your “North Star.”


Day 3: Nail your Quiz idea!



On the last day, I opened Quiz Lab and offered Discovery Calls.


The Discovery Calls were appealing to all 4 personality types, but the calls differed greatly!

Here’s what typically happened with each personality type on these Discovery Calls:



Quick 15-20 minute call.

They know what they want and appreciate options on how to work together. They also like to work with business owners who have confidence in their products and services. 



Longer calls 30-45 minutes.

Where we often didn’t even talk about the offers! Instead, they wanted to spend time building a connection with me. They're quick to make a decision to work together so make sure to share the next steps.



Longer calls 30-45 minutes.

These are the heart-centered folks who want to know you truly care about & can help them. They wanted to talk about the experience & results other quiz makers had with their quizzes.



Longer calls 30-45 minutes.

These folks have many questions about the process and like to focus on the data points. They appreciate low-pressure sales tactics and options on how to work with you.

“Understanding the DiSC personality types make sales easier for service providers.”

These calls helped business owners go from “Not Sure” to → “Yes!” because they felt comfortable with me & confident in their decision.


→ The Steady & Conscientious personality types especially need that extra time to get to know you & make a pressure-free buying decision.


The Discovery Calls also enabled me to help people get those things they would need in place before we began creating their quiz in Quiz Lab (if they chose to sign up).

  • Their quiz title
  • The quiz idea/theme


And for those who didn’t want to or weren’t ready to join the Quiz Lab, they at least had a title & an idea for a quiz they could create on their own.


No one was leaving empty-handed!


In the end, a mix of all 4 personality types signed up for Quiz Lab.


Similar to how the quiz attracted an even mix of personality types.


(Which isn’t all that surprising given that I’m certified in DiSC & made very strategic decisions to call in all personalities!) 😂

Some of those strategic launch decisions included:


⭐️ Ensuring the dominant personality folks could make a quick & easy decision.

⭐️ Making the sales page fun & full of smiling faces for the influencer personality.

⭐️ Sprinkling in testimonials & adding discovery calls for a steady personality.

⭐️ Adding in facts & data to support my claims for a conscientious personality.

“Now my email list is segmented & I can offer different offers to different personality types.”

Since my Quiz Lab launch, I’ve sent personality-type-specific messages. Like this one that went out to the dominant personality segment of my email list:


“I have one spot that just opened up for a done-for-you quiz. Reply back if you're interested in snagging it?”


22 people responded to that email (and the spot was filled.) ↓

When you know your audience so well that you can write the types of messages they want to read & respond to—it’s a game changer.


I also had a pre-launch strategy in place that I’d worked on with Brenna McGowan.


Knowing that the Steady & Conscientious personalities need that longer runway, I wanted to make sure I had that.


The pre-launch plan allowed me to:

  • Ask people to join my waitlist
  • Invite people to the Nail Your Quiz Idea Challenge
  • Spend 30 days building the “Know Like Trust” factor with my audience
    • Offer testimonials & case studies (to really help the slower-paced decision makers)...
    • So when I opened the cart, they were ready to buy & not feeling pressured (because there was no “Bro Marketing” approach)


Before I break down the Quiz Lab launch numbers, I want to give you some juicy DiSC personality insights you can use in your business—today!


Fast-paced // Task-oriented

I’ve noticed about 80% of clients who choose Done-For-You offers are Dominant decision makers.


Fast-paced // People-oriented

At the end of the day, Influencers buy because they love you & have a connection with you.


Slow-paced // Task-oriented

They are data-driven, like case studies, & really only respond to a no–pressure approach.



Slow-paced // People-oriented

They might be on your email list for 3 years before they buy. They love to see case studies and will read every review. 


As you have more quiz takers move through your quiz funnel, you’ll gain an even better understanding of your audience’s make up of personalities.


And that will enable you to more confidently & effectively approach:

  • Discovery calls
  • Coaching calls
  • Course creation &
  • Program launches



These 3 quiz clients used their knowledge of personalities to tailor their programs & launches to their audiences’ specific needs…



Back to the Quiz Lab launch…


It’s always a numbers game, so let’s take a look at the numbers.


A little over 300 people joined the Nail Your Quiz Idea Challenge.

(I expected about 15 sign ups given the math.)


When I looked back to the Nail Your Quiz Idea landing page—I realized it was converting at about 65%!
  • So I just need to get this infront of more people!
  • And have a more effective strategy.


In the end, my first Quiz Lab launch = $70k! 🎉

→ $50k from Quiz Lab sign ups 

(15 people signed up! 🎉)


→ $20k from Done-For-You clients 

During the discovery calls, I noticed a few people would be a better fit for the DFY quiz creation service vs Quiz Lab.
(4 people said yes 🎉 & I was on a waitlist after that!)


So… I was selling 2 offers, but the messaging was only around one.


The thing is—if you push a group program on say… a Dominant personality, they’re not likely to show up for the group aspect. And then they don’t have the “thing” (like a quiz) at the end of the day.


Curious about creating your own quiz?


Here are 2 places you should definitely check out:





→ You’ll learn what questions to ask your audience to help you brainstorm a quiz title or theme, or to uncover pain points you could address.

→ There are also questions in there to help you understand what kind of entrepreneur you are.

Keep your eyes open for my once a year Nail Your Quiz Idea 3-Day Challenge!


🎉 We kick it off on September 5-7th at 10am PT / 1pm ET. 🎉


Join the challenge to:

  • Figure out your quiz title & idea!
  • Know so much more about you & your clients.
  • Use the information you discover for any kind of messaging in your biz!